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Thread: Patio Doors

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    Patio Doors

    I need to replace an exterior sliding patio door. What I would like to get is a French style, double doors, with the blinds inside the windows. Besides the big box stores, anyone have any info on a good quality door in this category?


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    I had Pella Designer Series windows & patio door installed. They have the mini blinds and mullions between the glass.
    We love them.
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    The company used to be divided into the several different window companies that were all under the Jeld-Wen corporate umbrella. But several years ago they just dropped the various names and it's all just Jeld-Wen now.

    In all my various iterations (contractor, distributor, & homeowner) I used Norco who made a killer patio door in both slider & french varieties. I am almost positive that Jeld-Wen opted for the Norco version when they were selecting what would be the one they would call their own.
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