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Thread: Turning bamboo

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    Turning bamboo

    A friend of mine gave me a few lengths of fresh cut bamboo. Diameter is between 1 and 2 inches from outer wall to outer wall. Can this be turned on a lathe?

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    Perhaps, but it is hollow and probably not consistently cylindrical. Could be quite a surprise when one cuts thru the outside - and dangerous!

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    I have laminated up some of the 'plyboo', which is solid strips. As long as it is all straight, rather than the sheets that have cross grain in them, it turns fairly well. Long fiber, smells like hay, can tear out long strips if you aren't careful. Sands well, glues up well, takes finish well also. Bamboo straight from a garden is probably not a good idea.

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    I live near the Delaware river. I'm not a boater nor fisherman so my enjoyment of the river is to enjoy it from a distance. Recently a friend invited me to share in a spoils of a fallen Butternut that was located near the banks of the river. I was surprised to see the stands of bamboo. Somehow, I never associated bamboo with eastern PA. I understand that since hurricane Sandy, the bamboo has taken over areas and become a problem. The stands are so thick with lants you can'r walk through them.
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    I have use bamboo flooring for segmented bowls. The first one the rings were with the grain (normal orientation for a segment) and like Reed said you can get tears, that need sanding and still had some tearout. The next two I put caution to the wind and glued up so the end grain would show, worked better, however bamboo has what I guess is the capillaries for water movement and became rather pronounced when finish Don't know if it might make it poor for food grade?? All three people were pleased with the bowls. As flooring it is very hard. If nothing else it was interesting experiment.


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