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    Software Question

    Does anyone know of a good software program that has or helps you create the rustic designs? I have CorelDraw but was looking for something else for sublimation to be able to produce the old worn out look.
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    If you can find it anywhere, the best graphics are on the Corel 5 CD. You can also try some of the sign magazines, such as Signs of the Times or SignCraft which often have ads for graphics collections.

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    Thanks Joe, somebody is missing out on making a killing on putting this together. I'll check theses out.
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    James & Zelma (Psalm 18:2)
    "Inscriptions Of The Heart"
    ~A person is only as good as their word~

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    I think you'll have better luck in your search if you use the term "distressed". I think you can do all you want within Corel.
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    These are some of the best sign designs I have seen:

    Lots of good laser engraving art as well.

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    Keith, if you like them, you'll love these... (you probably already know about them, but it might help others)....

    Some of their packages are design elements, like sign shapes, flourishes, etc, like here :
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