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Thread: Spotlight on SawMill Creeker Randall Rosenthal In the News

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    Awesome artistry! And talk about having money to burn

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    well thanks.... i have gotten an enormous amount of exposure because the thread on this site is so viral. thanks again for the opportunity to showcase my work here.

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    What skills you possess!

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    thanks bruce. the exposure here has led to a lot of other web sites posting my work not to mention abc news, yahoo, and huff post. but they always use this as the starting point.....not my website.

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    Well deserved Randall. After so many friends sent me links to the many articles I was happy to say I "know" him. Granted not personally but in a way.
    Again, congratulations !
    The Woodworking Studio

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    mark....i have cyber "friends" i've known for years and consider them real friends. i have heard a lot of stories lately of people i know getting a link to my work. the internet has changed everything when it comes to exposure and the ability to talk to people all over the world. thanks!

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    nice article in a british carving mag.

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    Incredible, can't stop studying the pictures.

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    jebediah.....look at the other thread....23 pages of process shot of a variety of work. thanks...RR

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