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Thread: Restoration advice needed for Lie-Nielsen planes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Pixley View Post
    WD 40 and a green scotchbrite pad. Clean it up and put it to work.
    This or send them back to Lie Nielsen.

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    I bought several used LN planes a couple of years ago that had apparently been stored in a flooded area as they were badly corroded. I cleaned up surfaces with wet-dry paper of at least 800 grit and used a brass polish (don't remember which one) on the polished surfaces. However, there was some internal issues on steel parts that required some expertise and LN took them, brought them back to new condition and all I paid was for shipping to Maine. I'm not sure how far they go with this in terms of numbers of items but they told me that LN products have a life time warranty irregardless of the owner. Give them a call. Why mess with things when you can have it done right?

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    They're tools, and meant to be used as tools!

    As the tools are probably already on their way to L-N, here is what I would have done: Clean dirt & grit from the tools. Check for flatness on a granite plate. If need flattening, affix some Sc paper to the plate and flatten (if not too bad and I imagine these are not too bad). If badly warped for whatever reason, I would have the soles surface ground. Sharpen the blades and use them!
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    I would've done the same thing, tony. The only reason I'd have them seriously cleaned up and take the time to mail them, grind them, etc, would be if I wanted to sell them.

    Otherwise, they are tools that cost about $150 or $175 new, sort of run of the mill (I might panic a little more about condition if they were holtey planes that had been forgotten).

    Bright clean cast freshly ground will someday rust again.

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