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Thread: Trotect rayjet 300 help

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    Exclamation Trotect rayjet 300 help

    Please help! Trotec laserjet 300 80wt will not print! Was printing great! Stopped printing and green control panel light will not stop blinking

    any information is helpful!

    Thank you!

    WIll & Jon

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    Do you mean a Rayjet 300 80 watt?

    Have you shut off the machine, disconnected the power cord for 10 minutes, removed the cord to the computer, tried to reload the driver?

    Did the laser head run into anything such as a clamp or a block? Are you using manual focus? Any chance you might have run the laser head into the table?

    I have the exact same model, the only time I have had the screen on the machine flash was when I bumped the laser into a wood block.

    Robert Tepper
    Trotec Rayjet 300/80 Watt
    Dahlgren 500 Engraving Machine, CNC Engraving Machine
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    Make sure you print RGB color pallet, Black for engraving red hairline thickness for cutting. Usually when is blinking green and laser is not firing has to do with your print not being correct.

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