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Thread: Dust collector test equipment, an offer

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    Dust collector test equipment, an offer

    In this thread from a year or so ago; I discussed how I tested my dust collector to get some real performance numbers. In light of the recent Clear-vue threads I'd like to offer to loan my test equipment to anyone who would be interested in doing the same. The equipment on offer is as follows - a Dwyer 471 hot wire anemometer, a UEI EM151 digital manometer, and a basic analog clamp-on ammeter. Using the manometer and anemometer does require drilling 1/2" holes in your ductwork so please keep that in mind.

    All I'd ask is that if you're interested in borrowing the equipment is that you'd be responsible for shipping and insurance both ways and that you take reasonable care of it. The hot wire anemometer especially is fairly delicate and needs to be handled as such. If several people are interested I have no problem with the stuff going from person to person as long as I get everything back in a reasonable ammount of time. To that end, you should be prepared to move forward with your testing shortly after you recieve the equipment, not "sometime in the next few weeks when you have time"

    Post here or PM if you're interested.

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    I sent you a PM.

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    What a generous offer! I hope someone will take advantage of it and then publish their measurements as you did.

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    Thanks to the very generous offer from John I will be posting the test results of my cyclone system. I just figured out the equipment and what I was initially doing wrong.

    I am going to take my measurements from the 8" main and test each drop independently. All of my drops are 6". Is there anything I need to take into consideration doing this besides converting the fpm flow reading from the taps in the 8" duct?

    I did an initial check and am getting sp readings of 3.66" with every blast gate open to 14.8" with all blast gates closed.

    I will be starting a new thread and will post some pictures of my setup with the drops numbered so it will be easy to follow the measurements. I'll see if I can get something posted tomorrow with the sp and amp readings of each drop and some combinations of two or more drops. Once I get some feed back then I will do some fpm/cfm readings on those same drops.

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