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Thread: stanley 113 types?

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    stanley 113 types?

    What are the different types (type 1, etc..) of Stanley #113's? Doing a little research.

  2. Not sure if this page from Sellin's book helps.
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    Helps quite a bit, thanks!

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    There are several different "types" of the Stanley 113. The best reference is a book Jeff Warner published in 2005. Walter's book is confusing. Sellens' book shows the main difference between earlier & later versions: - side wheel adjuster with screw cap, and lateral lever with lever cap.

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    This "type study" just copies information from other researchers, and is incomplete. It lumps 3 different variations of the 113 into its' 1877-80 type 1 classification. For example: there is no mention of the coarse knurling on the side wheel, or the notch in the dovetail. Roger Smith mentioned these, and Jeff Warner further detailed these in his study which was approved by Roger Smith.
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    Thanks everyone for the help. Lots of good resources here.

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