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Thread: Short review: Found a good jig saw/saber saw blade

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    Short review: Found a good jig saw/saber saw blade

    Bosch T-shank, 10 tpi.

    Had to cut a 10" hole in the table top of a project today. Used an inexpensive Black and Decker saber saw (aka hand held jig saw) and one of these blades. The blade stayed right on the line, cut quickly and left a smooth surface, even using my cheap tool. I bought a pack of 5 for $10 at a local store, but I checked to confirm you can get them from for a little less.

    I realize this is a $10 item and its no big deal. But I was so pleased with this blade I thought Id pass it on in case it might help someone else.


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    All the Bosch jig saw blades I've used have been great. I think they make the best blades, and the best jig saw.

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    I picked up a Dewalt jig saw on sale, and have been using Bosch blades in it, and they work very well. The bayonet style blades are much better than the old clamp in with a screw type.

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    Bosch makes 2 kinds of blades. Stamped tooth and ground tooth. For me, nothing else comes close to the ground tooth blades.


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    I don't use jigsaws ever since I got a bandsaw... but they are handy for cutting items too large for the bandsaw (like sheets of plywood) or making inside cuts.

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    John: I threw out the packaging but these teeth look ground to me. They are really sharp and well formed. Great blade!

    Tai: You're sure right about using the bandsaw - I love mine and use it heavily. This was what I think you're calling an " inside cut ".

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    I love bosch blades
    the reverse tooth blades are great for scribing veneered or laminate surfaces
    cutting on the down stroke stops chipping
    Carpe Lignum

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    I've found the same to be true -- no other brand really worth buying when it comes to jigsaw blades. I was really impressed with a few of their blades a few years back when we installed the hardwood floors in our house. Most of the flooring is Brazilian Walnut and can be torture on blades. While I did eventually burn up a few of the Bosch jigsaw blades when cutting notches and other obstacle-avoiding cuts, they did the job and made nice clean cuts even in the Brazilian Walnut.

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    I concur with all of the Bosch blade lovers.

    I just wanted to add, I hesitantly bought plexiglass blades, since I had to cut a lot of plexi. They work really well, no melting, no chipout, and no shocks that crack the plexi. If you have to cut plexi, even a straight line, buy them.

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