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Thread: Dye-Sublimation Quarter Inch Corian

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    Dye-Sublimation Quarter Inch Corian

    I recently started doing dye-sublimation again and had an opportunity to try sublimating a piece of 1/4" thick Corian. Sometime in the past someone asked me if I had sublimated 1/4" Corian and what temp and time I used. In my first attempt a couple days ago I used 320 degrees F at 12 minutes. You can see the result is the first picture below.

    I'm pleased with the results but I think I may be able to lower the time to ten minutes which is what I will do on my next attempt. I need to keep reducing the time until I find the saturation point where the Corian gets soft.

    The second picture shows my new band saw sliding table I recently built, one of the tasks for this new slider is cutting Corian plaques to size after sublimating them. Since I can't use heat tape to secure the paper to the Corian I often have to trim the finished plaque to get is centered if it moves when placed in the press.
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    I have used spray adhesive on Corian and it works really well. You just need a low-tack adhesive, I use Krylon. Spray a very light coat, the surface should just be "misted" with adhesive, nowhere near covered. The adhesive soaks into the transfer paper and nothing remains on the Corian. I use this for aluminum and fabric as well.

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    I have used the Conde adhesive on the transfer paper but it left spots on the image. I'll give the Krylon a try.
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    I too had problems with the Conde version.... I may have gone too thick.... Left a film on aluminum... but it could have been glue from the clear masking I removed. It was 2007 Stock and I did find that when I cut it that the edge of white fractured off as if it was dry leaving a metal line a 1/16th wide along the cut. I too will try the Krylon.

    I still like using heat tape with the cutter machne.


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