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Thread: Problem with my Ridgid R4510 table saw

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    Problem with my Ridgid R4510 table saw

    Hi folks,

    Today while feeding some 1/2 inch plywood to my table saw, I have noticed a significant change in sound, like it's was spinning faster than normal. So after I have cut the panel I let it run for a few seconds, and then it suddenly stopped, followed by a slight burn odor.

    My table is plugged to a ceiling extension reel (Snapon), good quality. The fuse was popped out so I pressed the reset button. Started the table saw without feeding anything to it. The motor runs for about 5 seconds and then the fuse pops again. Same thing on two other contractor grade extension. Motor runs without any problem when directly plugged into the wall outlet, but the sound is still abnormal.

    Table saw is about 3-4 years old. I am using it for woodworking purpose (hobby).

    Some pictures of the brushes:

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you for support


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    The brushes look fine. I would suspect a shaft bearing that needs lubricated or replaced. Many motors have sleeve bearings that need lubricated periodically. My Craftsman motor has small plastic plugs on each end of the motor that I have to pull out and add a few drops of oil once in a while.IMG_0020.jpg
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    Is there a specific oil for that?

    Thanks for help

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    The R4510 has ball bearings, not sleeve. Fairly inexpensive to just change both. Available here...

    If that doesn't fix it, from the burning smell, I'd guess either the armature, or field burned. That isn't so inexpensive. Good chance just need the bearings, though.

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    Now the motor is going crazy, changing RPM without any load on it.

    See these two videos :

    Thank you

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    Obviously you have a problem. I would recommend you don't continue running the motor without identifying and fixing the problem as it could result in unnecessarily burning up the motor.

    Is this a direct drive table saw or belt drive?

    Regardless, with power disconnected, does the motor shaft turn freely? If it is direct drive, with power disconnected to the saw, does the blade turn freely and take a second or two to spin down? If it belt drive, disconnect the power and the drive belt and try spinning the motor shaft by hand. Does it spin freely?

    If the motor doesn't spin freely, I would recommend trying to replace the bearings which typically can be cross-referenced at a local bearing shop by showing them the old bearings.

    If the the motor turns freely, it might be worth removing the motor and taking it for analysis to a local motor shop. stated by another poster, the brushes look good.

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    This is a direct drive motor. I am not using it anymore. There are sparks coming from the engine. It looks like the motor itself is bad. I will have it checked up but I am not going to spent a lot of money on it as I want to upgrade for a hybrid belt drive table saw.

    Is it possible to install any direct drive motor on that saw?

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    Most likely not. Those motors are usually custom for the tool.

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