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Thread: FreeStuff Winner Steve Busey - Laser Dark Coloring Spray #2

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    FreeStuff Winner Steve Busey - Laser Dark Coloring Spray #2

    FreeStuff Winner Steve Busey - Laser Dark Coloring Spray

    I'm sorry for the delay selecting the winner of this prize, I simply forgot about the date. I will try to remember to put the FreeStuff drawings in my phone calendar from now on so I can be reminded to be on time.

    The winner is Steve Busey, Steve please use the contact information below to make arrangements to receive your prize. I will send a PM to Laser Dark to confirm your status as the winner.

    "Available only to lower 48 state addresses due to shipping restrictions."

    Laser Dark LLC.

    Laser Dark set which includes:
    1 Laser Dark - Dark Brown
    1 Laser Dark – Black
    1 Laser Dark – Finish Coat
    A value of $44.85.

    Brief Description of the product:

    Laser Dark™ is an easy-to-use, semi-transparent coloring spray for enhancing the laser-engraved area on most types of wood. The simple two-step process enables users to take what would normally be an illegible laser-engraved plaque and make it into an easily-readable presentation piece. Simply follow the steps in the video or read our How To Use page, and you can learn how to save your company money without remaking plaques and wasting valuable time. Customers will notice the quality difference in plaques that do not have Laser Dark™ applied as compared to others with it.

    Contact info:
    Laser Dark™ LLC
    2425 Seymour Rd, Eau Claire, WI, 54703

    The winners name will be drawn on November 13th, 2013
    In order to win you must opt-in by posting in this thread.

    Good Luck to everyone!
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    I would like to try this stuff out.

    John Richards
    Hastings, MI
    Explorer II 30 watt
    Epilog mini 25 watt
    Corel X6, Photoshop CS6

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    PS....although my signature below says I don't have a laser, I am leaning heavily in that direction, and if not, I have a neighbor 2 blocks over with one who would love to try it as well.
    900x600 80watt EFR Tube laser from Liaocheng Ray Fine Tech LTD. Also a 900x600 2.5kw spindle CNC from Ray Fine. And my main tool, a well used and loved Jet 1642 Woodlathe with an outboard toolrest that helps me work from 36 inch diameters down to reallllllly tiny stuff.

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    I'm all in.
    There are Big Brain people & Small Brain people. I'm one of the Big Brains - with a lot of empty space.- me
    50W Fiber - Raycus/MaxPhotonics - It's a metal eating beast!
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    Ricoh SG3110DN
    - Liberty Laser LLC

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    Count me in. Thanks
    Epilog Mini 24 50w

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    Add me to the list. Thanks.
    45W Epilog Helix
    Corel X4, Photoshop CS3
    Sherline 4400 lathe
    JET 1221 Lathe
    JET 1014 Lathe
    Craftman 36" VS lathe

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    please add me in.


    25w versa laser
    corel x5

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    Please add me to the long list.


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    One more addition to the list.. I'd like to try it out on the darker woods to see what happens...


    Bruce Clumpner
    Brandon Services Laser Engraving
    Academy Commemoratives - Personalized Memorabilia for the U.S. Service Academies
    Irvine, CA
    Epilog 75-watt Helix, 40-watt 18-Mini
    Started with Corel Draw V1 now feeling the pain of CorelDraw x7
    CS4 photoshop
    CS4 illustrator

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    Count me in.

  11. Me too please.

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    Awesome. Throw me in the hat!

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    yes, please!
    Jim Huston
    Fireborn Studio
    M 360 60 Watt, 4 X 8 CNC Plasma, Glass Blowing

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    I'm in, Thanks.
    Epilog Helix 45W w/Rotary, Corel 12, PhotoGrav

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    I'd love to try it... count me in please.

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