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Thread: procedure for finishing mahogany veneer

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    procedure for finishing mahogany veneer

    Hello everyone: Terry to the forum. I have a question about finishing mahogany veneer. I have just completed a pair of stereo speaker cabinets with a ribbon mahogany veneer. I would like to have them with a reddish hue and satin finish. but want the grain to pop. I need a procedure to follow, because I only have one chance of getting this right. I have heard others mention pore fillers, dyes, spit coats, shellac, conditioner, wipe on stains, poly, oils etc.. I am hoping someone here will help me out. Thanks to all..........Terry

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    It would help to have a bit more information.. If you know, what species of mahogany do you have? If you wet it with mineral spirits how "off" is the color from your desired color and does doing that pop the grain almost enough? Do you want to see the pores as indentations in the finish (more casual look) or do you want it glass smooth even if not high gloss? There are lots of ways to get to very nice finishes on mahogany it will help if you have a decent size piece of scrap to test before you even touch the actual project.

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    Hi Steve: What I got from the veneer factory is African Ribbon Mahogany, paper backed veneer. It came in a 4ft x 10ft roll. I'm looking for a reddish hue, and to fill the pores for a smooth finish but not high gloss. I do have a few small pieces left that I could use for testing. I will pick up some mineral spirits today and do a test for color. As it is for color in its raw state, its kind of a pinkish orange, with the ribbons in the grain being a bit darker. I wish one of you experts lived closer. You know...........I would be happy with anything as long as I can show off the grain and not hide it under a thick stain.

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