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Thread: Glenn Hodges ==tung oil finish?

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    Glenn Hodges ==tung oil finish?

    I received a reply about my lacquer finishing problems, and they said they were going to try your tung oil finish, can you describe it to me?...I did a search with your name, but can't seem to locate the tung oil finish post..thanks...searching for the right finish...Dennis

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    Hi Dennis. Take a look at this tread for Tung oil formula
    Best Regards, Ken

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    Dennis, Russ Fairfield is the guy that I got this formula from. If you want to try it make sure you use polymerized tung oil it will cure in 24 hours. I tried regular tung oil and it took about a week for the first coat to dry. I did not try that again. I did add some napha to the stuff and it dried faster, I hate to throw anything away. I am sure other people sell polymerized tung oil other than Lee Valley, I just found theirs and buy from them. I was questioning a guy a Highland Hardware about theirs and he said, "If you are getting good results from theirs, stick with it." That is one reason I like Highland Hardware, I kind of like old fashioned honest people. Some woods look good with 3 coats, but others require more. For me mesquite takes about 5 coats before it gets the sheen I like. I was at one of my bowl dealers yesterday, and she said she told a person that does turnings to contact me about the finish I use because his was to shinny, and looked plastic. She said the one I used was just right....can't argue with a customer that buys. Some finishes used on bowls today offer no protection to the wood at all. You have to be the judge about what you choose to use. Sometimes I use lacquer, and othertimes I use walnut oil. I have no secrets about finishing because most everything I learned about finishing I learned from another woodturner, thanks Russ.
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