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Thread: Zing 24 air compressor

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    Zing 24 air compressor

    Hi there. I'm totally new to the site and the industry. I'm in the process of getting an Epilog Zing 24.
    The rep recommended I get a high volume air compressor because of the air curtain design in the Zing. The description of the air curtain on Epilog's site says not to go above 30 PSI. Does anybody know of any compressors that "fit the bill" (make, model, where sold) and cheaper than the ones sold by Epilog?
    I checked the other posts and the one that directly answered this question is no longer on the market.
    How much CFM do you need to define a "high volume" air compressor?
    Thanks in advance for the help...

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    I bought a small 5 gallon compressor from Home Depot and attached a regulator to at the machine to have 50 PSI going to my laser. At the machine I have an air dryer to remove moisture from the air. Very important on my Universal 2.3 since air is directed at all the mirrors and lenses to keep them clean. One thing I have learned is that my compressor might be a little too small or my PSI too high. With my machine running it takes about 5 minutes to fill up and drain the tank. Since I am in the garage working near the compressor I always have hearing protection on.
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    Hi William,

    How much CFM do you need to define a "high volume" air compressor?
    Hard call, CFM in compressor sales usually refers to swept volume of the head (piston/diaphragm/impeller/screws) and not what useful output the compressor has. The figure you want to look for is FAD (Free Air Delivery) this is the figure that tells you what the machine will provide at WHAT pressure.

    Another issue is the non terminated operation of lasers, you basically have a straight through hole that you are trying to keep filled with air and to do so would require a compressor well above the average home shop (such as a Hydrovane Screw type or similar in the 40 CFM upwards range)

    A good balance if noise is not a problem is something in the 2HP range with a belt drive and 100% duty cycle, if noise is an issue then something like a Dynair dental machine with 8 or 10 heads would be good.

    Be aware that most small shop compressors are direct drive oil free jobs that will conk out if run too long in one period (they usually need 5 mins on,5 mins off) as well as sounding like the hammers of hell on the side of an empty trash can

    Google "Dynair Dental" or "Clarke Belt drive" and see what that brings up, from there look for something similar in the USA.

    For an easy home made dryer google "spooky water in airline (with solution)"


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