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Thread: Compressor and Exhaust advice for Epilog Mini 18

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    Lightbulb Compressor and Exhaust advice for Epilog Mini 18

    Hello all,
    First post! I finally got our company to approve a new Laser, and we went with the Epilog Mini 18 (30W). The unit just arrived today and I have seen SO MANY different ideas and thoughts on the proper venting and air compressor requirements that I am actually feeling overwhelmed. I have spent a few hours online researching the difference between oil vs. oilless compressors, using a mini compressor vs. having a larger reserve tank, and dont get me started on the exhaust.
    I know there are several threads on here that deal with these topics, but many are several years old and I am thinking there may be new technologies or schools of thought on this topic. I will be using this unit on a mobile cart, which means my compressor and exhaust fan will need to be mobile as well. My intentions are to set up the unit for production near a dock door and vent the exhaust outside while in use, but because I have a shared space, I want to have the ability to bring it back into an office to be locked down when not in use.

    If anyone has any good feedback on an Exhaust fan and compressor best suited for this, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Exhaust - Rated at minimum 400CFM at 6" static pressure
    Compressor - 30PSI max - 1/4" tubing (also, it seems that I have to find a hose with no adapters on it to "plug" into the back of the unit?

    For me, the decibel level is important as well. I would like to get units that are under a 70db rating.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Vasiloff View Post
    Compressor - 30PSI max - 1/4" tubing (also, it seems that I have to find a hose with no adapters on it to "plug" into the back of the unit?
    The connector on the back of the machine accepts 1/4" outer diameter (OD) tubing, just press it in. You probably can get one of those inexpensive coiled 1/4" tube/hoses with the regular NPT connectors for your air compressor from a discount place like Horror Fright. Just cut off the connector not threaded onto the compressor, leaving the short straight length of tubing at that end to plug into the laser. Or, for a larger hose, get a short length of 1/4" OD tubing and a Quick Connect 1/4" CTS-to-NPT (probably half inch/threaded/male, depends on your compressor hose's connector) adapter from Lowes (plumbing section) or similar.

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    Airbrush compressors are quieter and small, and you don't need a storage tank because they run all the time. You only need to turn it on when cutting. For the fan, try Grainger, they have a huge selection, and mount it onto the cart, or get the less expensive portable at Harbor Fright.

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    A few tips:

    Keep the compressor as close as possible to the machine (the shortest hose length) to increase air efficiency,

    Avoid compressors that will be working at the limit of their duty cycle (most direct drive and airbrush are 50% duty = 5 mins on 5 mins off),

    Belt drives with an oil sump tend to give quite dirty air that needs to be processed before getting to the machine (oil filters and dryers),

    Air receivers are great (if your compressor has enough poke to keep them filled without going over the duty cycle)(100 litre is good, 200 is great),

    Remember 30PSI input is nowhere near that when it reaches the final nozzle,(it's travelling through a large bore to atmosphere),

    Noise wise, Fridge types and Chinese twin heads are quiet enough to stay inside the 70 Db (A weighted) but aren't cheap.

    Hilea ACO aquarium pumps are a good compromise, lots of air but a low upper limit for pressure, the ACO380 / 480 and 500 are very good on a budget) (around $150 ish)

    If your budget is there go for one of these


    16 CFM (12 FAD @ 65psi) 52 Db (A) oil free 120 litre tank and selectable pumps 2/4/6/8 if you don't need as much as you imagined.(50% duty cycle as usual)

    Junwei, Dynair,Titan (all the same) the 5004 does 16 CFM at $1,500 or so imported.

    Clarke Shhh are even quieter but at $2,000+
    Bambi are the top line stuff at nearer $3,000+

    Hope that helps

    best wishes

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