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Thread: Burl finish

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    Burl finish

    Any suggestions for a finish for Cherry Burl. Thanks
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    That is all going to come down to personal preferences. I've done a cherry burl very similar to this one. What I did was to put 2 coats of shellac sanding after each coat (to seal it up). This several coats of glossy wipe on poly.
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    I'm gonna do a 180 from my friend Jon...I'd like to see some Tung oil finish...get that grain poppin'!
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    I use Antique oil on mine.

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    i have used a water based polycrylic made by minwax (wally world) on box elder burl and velvit oil on a maple burl. i would caution the use of buffs to highlight the finish as the cotton fibers get stuck in the crevices.

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    I like to see oil used. I worked on finishing some pieces (18) this morning early using a home brew equivalent of 4 parts Danish Oil to 1 part of polyurethane varnish wiped on/off. I also buff with Tripoli before applying the first coat, and in between 3 or 4 coats. There were 3 pieces of Mesquite mistletoe burl that the oil really make the grain pop. There was also some of the local cherry, mimosa, china berry, ash, and plain mesquite that the oil really give a nice luster. The Tripoli buff does add a little reddish tint to the lighter wood, but is not noticeable on the darker wood but really improves the surface finish after sanding to 400 grit.

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    For that bowl I would use Antique Oil or walnut oil.

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