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Thread: How do I repair a lacquer drip/sag?

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    How do I repair a lacquer drip/sag?

    I have some small birdhouse ornaments I turned and I sprayed them with rattle can lacquer but got a little excited and now have a couple of spots where the lacquer has sagged or run. There are about 4 coats on already so the birdhouses are shinny and the lacquer is thick. How do I get rid of the sag? Do I sand it out or just spray more coats over it? Im not very experienced when it comes to finishes.....Thanks. Jack
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    Assuming the surface is flat - use a flat sanding block and sand out the sag. If the surface isn't flat, spot sand the sag, then go over the entire surface to ensure it is at a consistent level. Then respray.

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    A razor knife blade can be used as a scraper... hold it at 90 degrees or so and drag it over the sag touching only the sag. It will scrape it off quickly and smoothly.

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