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    Workbench by Alan Turner

    A few months ago Alan said he was looking for someone to help him build two workbenches. I jumped at the chance.

    We built the benches our of birch with olivewood tail vises. The dividers are East Indian Rosewood; the stretchers are a generic South American wood sometimes called Bloodwood. The bottoms of the tool trays are Baltic Birch ply, 12mm.

    The pictures are of my bench which is a little over six feet long. Alan's bench is similar but about a foot longer. The tail vise hardware is from Atlas in Canada. Same people named in the Landis Workbench book. The shoulder vise is a Record. The legs are Tom Noden's Adjust-A-Bench. Rock solid and very handy.

    My "work" was mostly helping with the heavy lifting. Alan did the woodworking - beautifully as usual.

    I learned a lot along the way. Working with Alan as great. I know he hopes to open a WW school in the near future and offer a workbench-making class. If you need a bench, or just want a terrific experience, jump on it.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions if I can.
    Ron - who now has to bring his ww skills up to the level of his bench.
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