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Thread: Finished my first diy cnc

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    Finished my first diy cnc


    I finished my first diy cnc. Ordered the parts off of ebay and I'm please with the results. It's a small desktop cnc. I do plan to upgrade the spindle. I'm using a dremil right wow. I've got the itch, so now that my concept is working, I am going to make it a bit bigger and perhaps start using extruded metal.

    Here are a few of my first cuts. It won't cut metal, but I have cut acrylic up to .375 inch so far.

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    In the video you say you ordered a kit, what came in the kit?
    Universal M-300 (35 Watt CO2)
    Universal X-660 (50 Watt CO2)

    Hans (35 watt YAG)
    Electrox Cobra (40 watt YAG)

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    The best upgrade for it will be replacing the Dremel with a 1/4" trim router.


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