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Thread: Router Planer Sled Plans

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    Router Planer Sled Plans

    I'm looking for a set of simple, easy to follow Router Planer Sled plans.

    I have looked and found some plans but none that are easily followed and simple.

    There also seems to be some debate over sled vs. skis

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I made one a few years back for a specific project. I didn't use any plans, just kinda went off Bill Hylton's router book for ideas. Hylton's book showed both types.
    Mine used sleds. It seemed to work perfectly. I can see that sled and runners could wear over time, but if a person needed that much precision out of a router sled, they need a different machine.
    I'll post some pic's if you'd like. it's nothing fancy or complicated. It is very exact though.
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    Erik Christensen has a simple design shown in his bench building entry here.

    As mentioned above, there's a limited span you can reach without some flex from the sled.
    My mentor made his side rails out of angle iron, and attached the works to his torsion box assembly table.

    The workpiece needs to be fixed to a known flat surface, to avoid inducing other problems.

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