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Thread: Need a special box for a product?

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    Need a special box for a product?

    Found a great site with layout plans for different types of boxes.

    Ron in San Jose
    [/SIGPIC] Epilog Mini 24 - 45 watt, 3 Melco Amaya's with DesignShop, Roland PC-600 Printer/Plotter, Roland Camm-1 and 1050 plotter and a 6 color 4 station screen printing press. CorelDraw X3,X4 and X5 plus PhotoGrav 3.0

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    Great find Ron, thanks for sharing.


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    Ron, do you need to download the software to get the free designs? Have you done so? If yes, what is the deal on the software - is it a trial version or what?

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    I was not able to download any templates either.

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    One of those links that I'll save. I don't know when I'll need it, but some day, some time I will. Trouble is, I have hundreds of those links!

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