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Thread: Discoloration in beech

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    Discoloration in beech

    Hi all,

    I acquired a 40+ year old french foosball table (Bonzini) and am in the process of refurbishing it, including stripping and refinishing the beech cabinet.

    There were a few deep scratches in the cabinet that had breached the varnish (first photo), and once I had stripped off the varnish in these places, you could see that the wood was darker (second photo). I sanded for a bit but the stain seems to go fairly deep and I stopped. I tried laundry bleach and oxalic acid but those did nothing.

    My final finish will be clear polyurethane so I'm hoping to minimize the stain, if at all possible. I could use A/B bleach, but I fear that will produce three high-contrast colors: original wood, bleached wood, and perhaps slightly lighter stained part.

    Any recommendations for what to try to minimize the stain without creating too much white wood?

    Many thanks in advance!


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