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Thread: Why are 2007/2008 topics coming back to life?

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    When someone replies to an old thread it brings it back up to the top. I suspect most of us don't look at the date of a post and then think the post is new because it is at the top of the page. We then reply not realizing the threads is years old and in most cases the problem asked about was long solved. I've relied to an old thread in the past and then felt stupid later when I realized the thread was really old.

    This is the off topic forum. I think there would be a lot more value in one of the woodworking forums to bring up old stuff rather than in the off topic forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Elfert View Post
    I've replied to an old thread in the past and then felt stupid later when I realized the thread was really old.
    Me too - I kicked myself then I laughed - more than once this has happened .
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    I have something to say, but I think I will wait a few years.

    Rick Potter

  4. we all find it a bit annoying when a time specific topic ( on broken appliances etc)

    but several times a thread will pop up that i never saw when it was started or any time i was looking around

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    We now have three separate ancient threads relating to grass and lawns revived by the same person. He has now posted an identical post to all three with a link to an artificial lawn supplier.

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    I red flag those guys so they can be removed from the forum... they're almost always here to push their own product / service.
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    Zombie Thread Apocalypse....everyone PANIC! AHHHHHHHHH......

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Coloccia View Post
    Zombie Thread Apocalypse....everyone PANIC! AHHHHHHHHH......
    It's a crisis, and I can't buy wonderbread, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! the horror

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