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Thread: placing a macro in mach3 --anyone have experience

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    placing a macro in mach3 --anyone have experience

    I need to put a macro in the mach3 toolpath and i am not having any sucess ,has anyone experience here

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    Have you posted on the Mach3 forum

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    yes ,maybe something will come forth

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    Put the M# in your code (like M950). Put the macro in the macro folder in Mach3 (like M950.m1s). How does that work for you?

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    I believe the macro for example M950.m1s, needs to end with an M99 command to return control to the calling program.
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    M99 is for subroutines, which may or may not be part of a macro (but not necessary for a macro).

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    turns out i may have been vague in my decription ,its an excel macro for a mach3 toolpath and the present macro was not friendly with mach3 toolpath ,
    but its getting better ,we getting a new macro that might fit in with mach3

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    found out what had to be done ,

    Sean Martin helped me get the macro from excel to adjust my toolpath ,so the knife orientates itself properly

    this is the d2 drag knife which can cut up to .25 in material,it looks
    like a simple concept but its not take it from me ,there is a lot of
    programming thought went into the use of it ,as you need to run a macro
    in excel to make some changes to your toolpath in order for the knife to
    have its proper orientation
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