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Thread: Epilog Rocks

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    Thumbs up Epilog Rocks

    If anyone has any question about how fast repair parts can be had for an Epilog Laser. Here is the tracking for a motherboard I ordered Monday evening and received the next morning:

    28/01/2013 5:30 P.M. Order Placed
    28/01/2013 6:48 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS
    28/01/2013 7:22 P.M. Forwarded to the facility in the destination city.
    29/01/2013 3:40 A.M. Departure Scan
    29/01/2013 6:20 A.M. Arrival Scan
    29/01/2013 6:57 A.M. Out For Delivery
    29/01/2013 9:46 A.M. Delivered
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    You lucky you live in the US...
    I've had parcels take 3 days from overseas and hang up here for 2 weeks in the post office customs section due to poor staff or no staff ....
    Takes 3 days to travel 10 000km and then takes 14 days to travel the 5km from PO to us.
    At any rate , Kudo's to Epilog for the support..glad you back up and running , it's always an angst filled time when your precious/production machinery goes down and you aren't sure what it is or how long it will take to fix..
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    That's the reason we have two Epilog 36EXT's. We joke that our lasers print money (we joke because they are always busy). We can't afford to have them down. Mission critical machines, so that is why we chose Epilog.

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    Tim, I've had the same experience with Epilog. They have never, ever failed me. How refreshing!

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    Same here. I can also add that I haven't needed support in years, the machine runs like a swiss watch. But when I did, they came through with parts and help ASAP, best customer care I've ever experienced. I just wish they would include more diagnostic and tune up info in the manual which comes with the laser. I guess they have good reasons for not doing so.

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    Epilog apparently stopped using DHL for overnight shipments to Canada. I could order before noon, and be installing the parts at 1pm the next day. Now, they use 3 day UPS and even if it lands in Canada the next day, UPS keeps it in their warehouse for another couple of days, just to make sure it's a 3 day delivery..At least now I use my own broker, and UPS does not get the chance to hose me for customs clearance.
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    Was this something that Epilog sent out under warranty or did you have to pay for the part? Did you need to pay extra for overnight shipping?

    It's good that Epilog did not delay in getting the part ready to ship but it seems that credit should also go to UPS for doing their job well.

    I don't understand what they did that makes them "rock".

    If it the part was a warranty replacement and they sent it overnight with no charge to you, then yeah, that could make them "rock". Otherwise, it seems they are just doing their job.
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    Had my second problem with my Epilog Mini 45 in six years that I needed to call Epilog support. The first problem was a bad power supply that was fixed in two days. This time Ryan talked me through the fix. I was up and running in about a half hour.

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