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Thread: FreeStuff Winner - Woodpeckers Drill Press Package and T-Square Dave Bonde

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    FreeStuff Winner - Woodpeckers Drill Press Package and T-Square Dave Bonde

    SawMill Creek Tenth Anniversary Celebration Prize #5

    Winner Dave Bonde

    Carbide Processors and Woodpeckers

    Carbide Processors and Woodpeckers are donating a Woodpeckers Complete Drill Press Package and 24” T-Square.

    Retail Value for this prize is $264.98

    If you are not familiar with Woodpeckers tools, here is a brief description.
    Woodpeckers unites innovation and quality craftsmanship to manufacturer absolutely incredible and precisely engineered woodworking tools. The ingenuity that goes into every one of Woodpeckers Tools have created solutions for common problems in woodworking and take the hassle out of any tedious task for any woodworking project. All of Woodpeckers tools are made right here in the USA. Carbide Processors carries the full line of Woodpeckers tools.

    24” T-Square

    woodpecker t square.jpg

    Woodpecker’s 24” T-Square consists of a precisely machined, laser engraved, aluminum blade perfectly fitted to a solid, billet handle with two support lips to prevent tipping and a perfectly machined edge for true squaring.
    The two critical parts are secured together with six precision socket screws.* This arrangement delivers top notch performance yet still allows for replacement of damaged blades. The blade itself has precisely spaced 1MM holes drilled every 1/16”.* The outer edges are machined to a 30 degree bevel for easy reading and laser engraved scales for measuring. Additional holes are machined on exact 1” centers for marking shelf pin locations. Accurate to .001”, guaranteed for life. This 24” T-Square comes in its own fitted, wooden, wall mountable case so you can be sure it's safely stored yet always in sight.
    Like all the tools Woodpeckers makes, they're machined right here in the U.S.A.

    Complete Drill Press Pack


    Woodpeckers WPDPPACK2 - Complete Woodpecker Drill Press Table Includes Drill Press Table, 36" Fence, (2) Flip Stops, (2) Woodpeckers*NEW Knuckle clamps, (1) DP Filler. The new 16 x 23 x 1" thick Woodpeckers Drill Press Table has been completely redesigned from the ground up to give you better clamping T-Track, low-friction Micro-Dot laminate and super durable edge banding. The WPDPPACK2 features improved T-Track design: Two double wide T-Tracks are embedded and bolted in place with 1/4-20 bolts from underneath. This fastening approach virtually eliminates the possibility of pull out. Each T-Track is then permanently laser engraved with an easy to read, high contrast scale clearly indicating fence position. Once calibrated to Woodpeckers' drill press, no further adjustment is needed.

    This Drill Press package also features an improved fence that uses this same double wide track giving you more stop and accessory mounting options including simple L Stops and Flip Stops. Like the embedded track, the 36" long fence is engraved with a center type scale (zero in the center) making it very easy to use. The fence is firmly locked in place front to back and left to right. Making fence adjustments takes seconds with no tools.
    One of it’s most unique features is the new Micro-Dot laminate table surface. Micro-Dot is a new product in the laminate market that has a unique texture, a grid of small circular pockets that allows saw dust to collect and act as little ball bearings. The .050" thick laminate has a non-glare satin finish that reduces glare and improves the visual alignment of the work piece. Designed for 12” and larger drill presses and Made in the U.S.A.

    Phone: 800-346-8274
    Fax: 253-476-1321
    3847 S. Union Ave.
    Tacoma, WA 98409

    Special thanks to Tom Waltz and E. Renee Whitney for their hard work and effort making this prize available.

    To Register To Win This Prize Please Post In This Thread.
    Members must upgrade their account status to Contributor before you can register to win this prize.

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    I would love to win. Please count me in.
    Take me to the hotel - Baggage gone, oh well . . .

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    I would love to win as well. Please count me in.

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    Please include me.

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    Sign me up please. Thanks
    Scott Challoner
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    Thanks Keith, please count me in.

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    Oh man. I've so needed something for my drill press...

    Please sign me up!
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    Count me in.
    Have a Nice Day!

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    Yes please

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    Count me in, please!
    Carpe Lignum

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    Please count me in. Thanks!

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    Count me in, thanks!

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    Pick me!!!

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    Count me in

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    Posting and entering!
    Veni Vidi Vendi Vente! I came, I saw, I bought a large coffee!

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