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    I made my own “Bandie Clamps” , I went to HD and got the .99 cent spring clamps , and then to WalMart to got a bike inner tube. You cut the inner tube into 6” lengths and slip the now open ends of the inner tube onto the clamp ends.

    They work great for gluing on wood edge banding onto 3/4” plywood parts.
    I think I made twenty , I made ten, liked how they worked then made ten more. The 10 clamps cost 9.99 + tax and the inner tube was under $5.00 , for for fifteen dollars I made 10 clamps , the Rockler Bandies was $13.00 + dollars for two , plus some shipping fees.

    If you ever apply wood edge banding , and want to avoid pin nailing the strips on , or don’t want to use pipe clamps and cawl’s to do the clamping, the home made stretchy clamp might be some thing to consider.
    Note: Fred Skelly copied this tip here to keep it from getting lost in the archives. It was originally posted by Paul Girouard on 1/2/19, as a response to another post about using spring clamps. Thanks Paul!
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    I have a 6" ruler and a 4" square that I use almost exclusively for layout, and I get tired of trying to find them and then having them on bench top when I'm working, so I epoxied a couple of magnets to my bench light - without which it's hard for me to do precise layout - and now they are there at hand when I need them.
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