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Thread: Coreldraw X4 Fonts that disapeared from the work space like ghosts

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    Coreldraw X4 Fonts that disapeared from the work space like ghosts

    Has anyone ever had this happen to them in Coreldraw X4. I just lost the use of some of my popular fonts.
    They are shown in the list of fonts but when I highlite them in the flyout some do not show up, they are like ghosts, it's there but you can't see the font on the work space, for example if I use Century Gothic it's in the list but it does not show up on the page if you type it out, if you where to print the blank page the font prints out.
    All my fonts where showing a few days ago and now some are just not showing. I reset Coreldraw back to the day it was installed, but that did not fix the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Thanks in advise for the help
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    Let me guess: the missing ones are Type 1 fonts and you just installed a Windows update...
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    In summary of the thread mentioned above, uninstall the Windows Update KB2753842.
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