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Thread: Another Tree Carving

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    Very impressive once again!! I like the way you attack the project, tell me what you want and let me figure out how to make it! LOL! I sure hope your hands are insured!
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    Thanks Roger. You almost do have to attack a job like this before it has a chance to intimidate you. But if you can carve one leaf,, you can carve dozens. See it big, keep it simple. It's a matter of doing a small carving many times over.
    A small new wrinkle just came up . One of the chicks has to appear to be emerging from a shell. Glad the bodies are fat enough I can recarve one to look like it's doing that. The client's wife is 8 months pregnant and wanted this represented in the carving. OK,, back to the drawing board. Don't you just love curve balls!
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    I managed to recarve one of the chicks to look like it was emerging from a shell as the client requested. I also got some more detail on the adult birds done today along with more leaves. Pretty much the entire left side of the trunk is done as far as leaves is concerned and now it's just cleaning up the edges and background.

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    Got the tree wrapped up a day or so ago. A rough count indicates approx. 100 leaves. At this point I'm tired of looking at them. And , as is usually the case having a project sit here until it gets picked up , it becomes like a scab. Meaning,, I keep picking at it.
    Anyway, here are a few random shots of the work.




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    Amazing work. How many hours will a project like this take to complete?

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    Don't have a count on the hours. But I worked on it ( not straight) for a month.
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    I feel like i work with a stone and a club after looking at some of the remarkable work done here.

    Just tremendous!

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    Loved that you shared the process you do very nice work. I enjoy trees as well, but on a different scale
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    Very nice!
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    That is beautiful work!!!! well done.

  12. Thats super best talent you ever had.. looks like so real. Fantastic job!

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    Thank you . This story actual continued. The designer didn't provide in the full size elevation of the room the ceiling which actually was a cathedral pitch and not flat as his drawing indicated . I got the tree back and had to add more to the height!
    i thought I posted it somewhere but this is the third carving of this sort that I have done . The first two were over a ref-freezer like this one here. One was in Cherry and the other in wormy chestnut.
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    I love those things! You don't say how you fixed the height thing, I think I would have tried "Miracle Grow" !

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    Yeah , did try that but nothing. Naturally the top edge had leaves twisting and turning every which way. Can't just butt new wood up to that right?
    So I made a jig to span the width of the tree. Then loaded my router with a 3/4" long shank bit and gradually kept making passes about 3" down from the tops edge of the leaves routing through all of some , half of others and the tips of the rest until I hit the background and went a little more.
    Then moved the jig up a bit more and made a step a little deeper so I could now add on more wood two layers deep ( which is butt jointed to the original stock) alternate panels and widths and have something solid to carve. I then simply drew the missing parts of leaves onto the new stock to make them whole again and continued drawing leaves up another 1 1/2 ' at the highest point and gradually tapered it down to the leaves at the furthest point.

    Now the tree has max height over the trunk area and arches out over the until just a few leaves are out there.
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