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Thread: Thoughts on HF wet grinder

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    Thoughts on HF wet grinder

    Would anyone recommend this wet grinder for sharpening turning tools?
    HF P/N 35098

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    The dry grinder part might work if you replaced the wheel with one that was friable. Being aware of the quality of Harbor Freight products I would wonder if it would hold up to the constant use that a woodturner tends to put on a grinder. Without jigs the wet wheel is less useful. That doesn't mean that you can't make jigs to work on the wet wheel.

    I have the Woodcraft dual speed grinder and use a Sorby fingernail jig for bowl and spindle gouges. This works well for me. I know it is dificult to spend $200+ for sharpeing lathe tools. Here is the good news. Once you get the grinder, and jigs you don't have to spend anything but time on sharpeing for many many years (and then it just for a new wheel). Unlike the lathe which will provide you with LOTS of oportunities to spend money.

    Good Luck

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    I wouldn't advise it. Richard has you on the right track. Either get the slowspeed 8" grinder from Woodcraft, add the Wolverine jig or purchase you a Tormek and sharpen everything in your shop and house!!!!

    I have BOTH and the 8" grinder with the Wolverine works for 99% of all I do in wood turning. I use the Tormek for getting a finer, sharper edge on a couple of my turning tools as well as sharpening my chisels, plane irons, knives, the LOML's scissors and such. The 8" grinder with the Wolverine is going to be your best investment for the least amount of money.

    I have been through several various grinders in my time and nothing like the HF unit will do you justice. You'ld be upgrading AGAIN before long.
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    In my opinion the small grinder wheel is too fast for turning tools and the size of the wheel gives you too steep of a hollow grind. The wet wheel is not agressive to do much with high speed steel turning chisels. If you are useing old carbon steel tools it could be ok but requires alot of work to keep flat. I have the grizley version of this tool.

    Probably the only tool I regret buying.

    If you were to use the motors for something like a VEratis type scary sharp mod then go for it.

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    Another take on a wet dry HF grinder.

    Here is what one enterprising woodturner did with the HF wet/dry grinder.

    One way to use the HF wet/dry grinder

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