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Thread: Finishing book ?

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    Finishing book ?

    I need a general book on finishing wood. I use pine, walnut, cherry and some boards that wash down the river which sometimes I am unable to identify. Any suggestions?

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    Taunton Press has a number of books on finishing. I have a book by Flexner? on finishing, and I have a couple of others I bought at Woodcraft and the bookstores.
    You really have to thumb thru them though. Some books focus on specific finishes and period finishing, that you may or may not be interested in.
    There is also a current thread on the "Finishing Board" here at SawMill Creek that is asking the same question that you are. Check it out.
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    hi , I have one book by Bob Flexner and two by Jeff Jewett. Highly recommend anything that these two write.
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