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Thread: SuperNova Chuck - cleaning

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    SuperNova Chuck - cleaning

    A simple question - how do I clean off the gunk on a new chuck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim O'Hearn View Post
    A simple question - how do I clean off the gunk on a new chuck?

    Mineral spirits work well!
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    A good wipe down with mineral spirits is a good start. On a new chuck after the initial wipe down I soak it good with mineral spirits, mount it on the lathe and put a cardboard box over and turn it on at full speed. Throws a bunch more gunk off and all over the inside of the box.

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    I've always used a bucket of mineral spirits and just swish the chuck around then oper jaws all the way and swish it again. Let set for a few minutes then do the box trick Bill B said about. An old paint brush comes in handy.
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    WD-40 worked good to clean mine.

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