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    Coleman logo

    I am wanting to repaint coleman logos onto my 1940s refurbished lamps and stoves. My plan was to cut out a stencil on my laser and spray paint the logo on. What material would you suggest I use. The logo was going to go on a flat surface, and the stencil would need to be either reusable , or a one time use that is cheap, easy, and storable for later use. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Thin cardboard works for me. Also if you are going to paint on a round surface, use shelf contact paper. It adhears well but comes off easy. Pretty much one time use, but a large roll is pretty cheap.
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    When using contact paper if you put the paint on too thick it will react with the adhesive on the paper and will turn into a mess, I would suggest using several very light coats rather than one or two thicker coats.

    Also if you haven't already drawn the logo here is one that I have as a vector, you may be able to use it.Coleman Lantern.cdr
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