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Thread: Old dump truck relief carving

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    I'm what my son refers to a nubie on posting here; pretty decent sized piece and I think you are doing a great job with the perspective to this point. Would like to see the finished product if you get it posted.
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    I had some completed pictures earlier in this blog but here are a few others.IMGP0152-001.jpgIMGP0154-001.jpgIMGP0142-001.jpgIMGP0139-001.jpg
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    I am standing while typing, i.e. A standing ovation!!! Bravo!!!

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    I agree with all of the compliments. The is a really great example of relief carving that appears to have real depth even though the actual depth is relatively shallow. There's a lot to like with this carving. Congratulations.

    You did a great job on the bricks! I can see why you included a close up. I bet those were a challenge.

    How did you finish the piece? Did you add color to enhance the shading (in the wheel well of the right front tire for example) or is the shadow in the photos just from the angle of the lighting?

    Is the small lettering on the driver's door also carved? That's tough to do so cleanly in basswood. (for me anyway).

    The lettering around the perimeter is also nicely carved.

    Have you continued to carve and do you have any other photos you can share?

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    Hey guys? This thread is 6 years old and the guy who posted it hasnt been here since December 2017.

    It IS a beautiful piece.

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