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    Bought another lathe today and would like to find out some info. Any ideas, suggestions as to how to keep the sawdust/shavings from the on/off switch and control box? I thought maybe a plastic cover when operating but don't know if it would get to hot.

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    I've never had any trouble with mine. Hit it with the air hose and let it go.

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    I have had no trouble in 2 1/2 years. I keep the dust down in the headstock area by running the shopvac over the switches and the back grill every time I change operations. When others started reporting trouble, I thought about adding filter medium to the grill but have not done so.

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    The on/off switch is large and easily accessible for a reason. In an emergency, I'd bet you wouldn't care about dust in the switch, as much as you would being able to turn it off quickly. The dust is a pain, but blowing it off after each session has been working for me. Do realize that I have only had my 46-460 for 10 months. A lot of people have reported the switch problem, but for me, so far so good. I probably just jinxed myself. By the way, the guy that invents dustless wood turning will be an instant gazillionare!

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    Wally, can not help on the weight, but for light i use regular 4 ft florescent overhead for turning, which is not enough for close look, i use a 100 watt bulb in portable work light for closer look with the lathe turned off

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