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Thread: Made in USA Pen kit

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    Made in USA Pen kit

    After some searching, I found this manufacturer of pen kits based out of Georgia
    And a pen similar to the Gatsby style, in stainless steel.
    Needless to say - becuase it is Made in USA - it is not insignificantly more expensive than the PSI Gatsby.

    I'm looking to do a run of pens made from Oak, from a tree that fell in a national park, with a red/white/blue veneer inlay.
    It would be awesome to use an American kit, but cannot find any reviews.

    Anyone know anyone that shelled the $19 for a kit?


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    I don't know of any place off hand, and I can get where you are coming from with the made in the USA part but, I would think that as long as you are in the USA and American then as far as I would be concerned it is a one of a kind, authenticly made in the USA. Just me though.
    Darren in Oshawa

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    I picked up pen & pencil kits from Constant (owner of Lazerlinez) on Saturday at a penturners meet, haven't tried them yet. But the ones I saw when I visited his place a few months ago were very solid and well made. The prototype click pen of his that I tried was the most solid click mechanism I'd felt in a pen kit. He's been building up inventory for months and they're now hitting the market. Woodcraft should have them too, under the Hancock name, I think.

    If you go to the Lazerlinez website, click the Photo's links on the left side, and scroll all the way to the bottom, you can see the big investment he made in a giant CNC machine he uses for the pen parts.
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    While I can't speak about the quality of Constant's pens, I can say his laser inlay kits are tops. See my comments in the show-off-your-pen section titled "autism puzzle pen". Can't say enough good things about Lazerlinz!

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