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Thread: Maple vase with pyrography

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    Maple vase with pyrography

    A lady at work had flower sketches on her desk that reminded me of the wildflower series Cynthia Gibson has been doing for some time. So I showed her online photos of Michael and Cynthia's work and naturally she was impressed. I explained that about a year ago I had taken a workshop led by the Gibsons and was interested in trying the pyrography techniques that were presented. So we agreed that if I turned a vase or hollow form that she would sketch a design for me to burn (note that I am admittedly challenged when it comes to drawing). This being my first attempt at pyrography, other than the workshop, she chose to base the sketch off of Cynthia's simple, but elegant, flower pattern.

    Having completed this piece, I now have a renewed respect and admiration of Cynthia's work. The stippled background was, um... let's say tedious.

    Maple, 2 3/4" x 5 1/2", finished in Satin Lacquer.


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    That is very nice work. You did a good job with the burning (and the turning). I like the collaboration idea and might try that myself, I know someone who can draw much better than myself.
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    Tedious for sure, but what a great result!

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    Looks great and if it is your first shot at the burning you did very well, your lines are nice and clean.
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    Very nice. as was said, clean llines (both the turning and the burning). While tedious the stippling produces a dramatic effect.
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    Looks really nice. Any chance on explaining how you did the stippling....

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    A very pleasing work. Congratulations on a fine job.

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    First attempt??? Holy cow, what a great job! You should continue with pyrography.

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    very nice......

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    Really nice Tony and very well done.

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    Thanks for the kind comments.

    Jay, the stippling technique is simple. Outline the objects with a burning tip in the shape of a skew or knife. Then color outside the lines by repeatedly touching the area with a hot stylus burning tip like the one below. The stippling is just a whole bunch of random connected dots. Probably the most difficult aspects are to achieve a fairly even shade throughout and to avoid noticeable patterns.


    The stylus tip has to be cleaned occasionally to remove soot buildup which prevents efficient heat transfer. For this I use a couple of pieces of leather; one rough, the other smooth - like a strop.

    This particular turning allowed for sanding both top and bottom after stippling, which made it easy to stipple the entire field. Otherwise you need some type of break, like a bead or groove, to provide a stopping point. Before sanding you could see my marks rolled over the edge and it really did not look very clean.

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    Very nice work Tony!

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    Excellent job Tony! Your pyro looks great for a 1st or a 50th! Looking forward to what you come up with next!
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    my my, for a first, it is quite lovely...
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    Tony, nice job both in the turning and Pyro. You utilized the best there is to follow.....Cynthia and Mike, what a team!
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