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Thread: Carob Crotch Bowl

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    Carob Crotch Bowl

    Turning the african sumac hf yesterday was quite a chore, little by little my lathe has been losing torque and yesterday was bad enough that even light cuts with the hollower would slow or stop the piece.
    So when I got home today, I opened up the lathe and sure enough the motor belt was pretty loose. I replace the belts about a year ago with link belts, so I was able to just pull off the belt, take off a couple of links and slip it back on.

    I went to the blank pile outside to find something to test the torque, and picked up this carob crotch piece. I could see that it had a big bark inclusion, and I figured it would probably be full of cracks, but I just wanted to see how big a bite the lathe would handle without slowing down.

    I didn't take as big of cuts as I wanted to since it looked like the bark inclusion might go deep and I also found another big inclusion with a knot. I was able to take bigger cuts than I've been able to do in a long time and no hesitation or slowing .
    Except for the inclusions, the blank didn't have nearly as many cracks as I expected, it help up pretty well for spending the AZ summer outside.

    It's 9" x 2 1/2", left a little thick to avoid flexing, finished with 1 coat of antique oil.
    Thanks for looking!
    Comments and critiques are welcome.
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    Very nice little piece Kathy, you did good.
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    Really nice piece Kathy. Simple yet rustic.

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    From your description, I was thinking "why bother" but you ended up with a neat looking bowl!

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    Great job on the carob bowl, and glad to hear your lathe is back in shape!
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