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Thread: Router Table Top Recommendations - Laminate, Finished or Naked MDF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by George Gyulatyan View Post
    Phenolic plywood. Not sure if there are any dealers in your area that sell this stuff, but Anderson Plywood in LA is a place I go to for this stuff. It's basically a 4x8 sheet of baltic birch ply covered with phenolic. You can use that for your router table, even the cabinet drawer fronts, etc (looks really good), plus it's great material for jigs where low friction surface is desired. Glue doesn't stick, it's rock hard, and stable.
    Absolutely, forgot about that, good point. I have not bought any, but I know some of the suppliers for concrete tools and forms sell this stuff too. I think it is the same, but I maybe mistaken. I don't remember the price/sheet, but it was reasonable compared to laminate+plywood+adhesive and the fact that it could be used for jigs etc.

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    I used 2 sink cut outs glued back-to-back and the Lee Valley small, round table insert kit. No fuss, cut outs were free, insert kit had excellent instructions, and I a routin' fool. No fuss, no sag, above the table adjustments for the Freud router.
    On the other hand, I still have five fingers.

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