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Thread: first segmented turning with picture this time

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    first segmented turning with picture this time

    This is my first try at feature rings in a segmented turning. I purchased Malcolm Tibbetts feature ring DVD and his book both a very good investment if you are thinking of trying a feature ring. I have to admit that this is almost as close a copy of Mr. Tibbetts as I could get (I hope no copyright problems) It measures 25" tall by 16" in diameter. The red feature ring is actually an indian blanket but because I used two simular woods you need to look real close to see it. This took me around 150 hours. Things take quite awhile when you don't know what you are doing.
    I am building another indian blanket vessel with contrasting woods.vase.jpg

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    Very nice job. 150 hours us a huge investment

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    Beautiful piece for a 1st Allan, or for a 10th or 20th for that matter!
    Great Job!
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    Just beautiful. Well done.

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    good to see more segmenters here..super first
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    This is really nice Allan, you did good for a "first", Good teacher that Tibbits guy.
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    I pretty much echo Jim's comments. Nice piece


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    Oh to have 150 hrs of spare time to spend on the lathe, one can only dream. it's a good thing you picked the little project for a first try. Looks very good to me!
    Darren in Oshawa

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    Allan, very nice job - no problem with any copyright issues. My only suggestion relates to the overall shape. In general, a continuous curve makes for a more pleasing shape. In your case, I’m referring to the unnecessary reverse curve near the base (I’m being really nic-picky). Welcome to the “dark” side.

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