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Thread: A plumb bob I made in 1980

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Reverb View Post
    Very nice George. I still have the bob I bought right about the same time, when I was rod man on a survey crew.

    The integral reel is an interesting feature on yours. Mine is still attached to the plastic, spring-loaded string reel that I used with the bob some 30 years ago...
    Ditto on the reel, mine had a target as well for those hard-to-see instances.

    I still have mine, a K&E, still have the spare tack in the top compartment for "emergency" use............... good memories mostly, except for the poison oak and yellow jackets................

    Great story, thanks for sharing.
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    scratching my head "I thought I was uncle Bob"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Thomas View Post
    scratching my head "I thought I was uncle Bob"
    your name could be bob tom or tom bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Weaver View Post
    Does anyone remember the pearl cream commercials? didn't they say "ancient chinese secret" all the time?
    I don't remember those commercials, but when I think of the phrase "ancient Chinese secret" I think of the Calgon commercials.

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    My plumb bob has only to do with "ancient George Secrets".

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    That's right, Calgon. That's the ancient Chinese secret reference. I forgot which commercial it was. I don't think they could run that one in today's PC world. George, you were probably too busy in the shop to see much prime time TV back in the day. JK

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    Now that it's over a week past the end of the auction, I wonder what the "ancient george secret" plumb bob brought. I can't find the auction listing on the website now that it's in the past.

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