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Thread: Big Gloat

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    Big Gloat

    I have a Delta 46-460, and an Excelsior (Rockler house brand) VS midi. I was not in the market for another lathe. BUT, a friend who moved away six years ago sent me a message, "I have an awsome deal on a wood lathe if your interested. You pick up and $0.00 plus a bowl when you have one turned. Trying to clean out the garage. It is still in the boxes. Let me know."

    Can't say no to that, right? So we make arrangements and the Boy and drive two hours to go get it. I couldn't remember what she had bought, but I knew it was a full-size lathe with stand.

    When we get there, She and her husband are wonderful and gracious (no change there) and are happy that I am taking this lathe "off their hands". It is a Jet 1442VS with stand!! Her husband and I loaded it up and put a tarp across in case "Isaac" decided to rain again.

    She then says, "You'd better put this box inside. It's got the tools and books I bought." I was already overwhelmed. This was too much. In the box were the two bowls she had started in class before she bought this lathe. She asked if I could finish them and send them to her. Of course I can!! I also left her with a cherry bowl and a couple of wine stoppers.

    Now, this lathe spent a year in a basement, and six more in a shed. I knew it wasn't going to be pristine when I opened it. The legs had a little surface rust on the top. Nothing a wire brush couldn't handle. The bed, well that had more rust. All surface/cosmetic only, but plenty of it. I unloaded everything, wire-brushed all the rust off the machined surfaces. I did take some paint off where it had rusted in the paint.

    I had to open the belt cover to get at some rust on the edge of it. And I found a mouse condo. Unoccupied, but clearly many generations were raised there. The pic below is after I had taken out 3/4 of it.

    After rearranging the garage a little to make room, I assembled everything tonight and spun it up. The Reeves drive is smooooooth and quiet. I'll probably do the handle adjust mod to get the low end speed down to 300 or so, but not tonight.

    Since a lathe without sawdust is just silly, I trued up a Marcantel style chuck plate I'm working on.

    Total cost: $60 in gasoline, 1 bowl, 2 stoppers, and 6 hours work.
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    Sheesh. Talk about a score !!!!!


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    Shazamm!!! Great score Scott and pat on the back for the clean up...ya did good sir!
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    Nice score Scott! I see alot of fun in your future!
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    Wow talk about a gloat. Congrats. Have some fun Scott.

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    Wow! Talk about good friends and great luck. I couldn't imagine getting a gift like that. You really suck man. lol.
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    Nice score on the tools and lathe,just a thought about the reeves drive,Jet had some problems with the moving pulley on some of the 1442's. the grease they used after setting would lock the pulley up after you first started using it. They said to clean and spray the shaft with White Litheum Grease as the maintenance schedule says.
    Hope this helps.
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    Now that is a first rate, A+ gloat. Not much could beat that one!

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    Congrats on the score Scott. Those sure are good freinds. Enjoy the ride

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    Congrats Scott! That is quite the gloat! Have fun with your 'new' lathe!

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    Wow! nice to have friends like that. You know, after 6 or 7 years in storage, its time it had a good home!
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    Nice score, and, oh yeah........................
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    Scott....nice gloat! you made a haul and it looks like it cleaned-up very, get it dirty.
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    That is a heck of a gloat. Congratulations and have fun.


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    Thanks all for the jealousy . Harry, thanks for the tip. I'll open it back up tonight to wipe and spray.

    I think I'm going to take the little Excelsior lathe and use it to push a friend into the vortex. He turned a couple of pens at Christmas and really enjoyed it.
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