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Thread: A very unusual 11 year old

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    I hope to teach her on a regular basis,but frequently talented children like her are enrolled by their mothers in all sorts of different activities by their mothers. Music,dancing,etc.. I know another mother whose daughter gets no rest it seems. The daughter really gets pushed,too hard,I think. Kids need time to be kids,too.

    Anyway,I hope to teach her as does my wife. Young people help keep us oldies young,and that's the truth. Both her mother and the child realize that she could benefit a lot from what I have to offer. I don't advocate a vocation,but learning tool skills is greatly beneficial. Doing wood or metal working for a living is not an easy row to hoe. I was lucky to have a museum to sponsor me. Otherwise,you are working like crazy to appeal to only a very limited segment of customers that you'd be lucky to come across,which I have also done through public exposure at the museum. Most people can't tell the difference between good,custom work,and Chinese imports,or mass produced things.

    If I showed this child a new made wood screw,and an old new stock 1950's wood screw,she'd see and appreciate the milled slot,sharp edges of the flat head,and superior quality of the threads. How many would care?
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    At a gas station the other day a girl about 11 asked her dad. " Why do they call it gas if it's a liquid ?" He said "They just do". She said "Well what about plasma"? Not understanding He said "Don't be silly that's in blood ante it"?
    I just had to be impressed with the girl.

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    Kids keep us young, and keep us learning (and sometimes learning things AGAIN - or should I say often). Such as 5th grade history, or high school math homework. My son last night was asking about why his fingers wrinkled in the bath tub and I explained osmosis and such. He got it and is wanting to try soaking them is salt water or the ocean now to see if they will wrinkle.

    George, you will enjoy the sponge that these young minds are. And it will keep you engaged, and you may even end up with some of your own homework before its all said and done (a good thing). Its great that you are willing, and enjoy spending the time.

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