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Thread: cutting 5mm MDF 18 inch

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    cutting 5mm MDF 18 inch


    We have a got a project to cut 5mm MDF with 18 inch circle to 3 inch circle to 5 steps as attached.

    I need your valuable ideas as the quantity is 10k to be cut thru.

    Saravana kumar

    laser 5mm.cdr
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    That job will keep your laser running continuously for a whole year!

    So you need to buy at least one extra laser in order to be able to service your other customers.
    (Cheap Chinese lasers would be fine for a simple cutting job, but you would need lots of spare tubes and parts).

    Interesting problem - let us know how you solve it.
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    I have no time to do for one year. They need to make pretty quick. Hope some valuable idea come out...

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    Honestly, a Manual jig and a router would be the way to go... Or even a CNC... But a simple circle would be easy with a Jig and Router.. The Question is weather a 1/8 inch end mill bit would leave the correct size of the additional circles....

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