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Thread: FreeStuff Winner - Laser Vector Grid

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    FreeStuff Winner - Laser Vector Grid

    En-Gravs Laser Engraving is sponsoring this FreeStuff Drawing

    The Winner is Todd Schwartz

    You must post in this thread if you would like to be eligible to win this prize.
    The winners name will be drawn on September 8th, 2012.

    En-Gravs Laser Engraving has recently upgraded its LaZer Cutting Grids website. It is still slightly under construction and we will be adding video and other features soon. We will give away 1 free LaZer cutting grid to the winner of this drawing. This is a replacement for your honey comb table / vector cutting table / vector cutting grid for your laser engraver. There are several names for them but they are all the same thing. The winner may pick from one of the following sizes:
    12" x 12"
    12" x 24"
    12" x 18"
    Free shipping is included. The vector cutting grids are for laser engraving machines of virtually every brand and model. For more information on the cutting grids visit

    Contact Information:
    En-Gravs Laser Engraving L.L.C.
    P.O. Box 341
    Wentzville, MO 63385

    636-327-3933 Main
    636-698-9760 Fax
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    Please register me for the LaZer cutting grid drawing.

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    Please include me in this drawing.

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    Sure could use one, thanks.
    ULS 4.60, Vision 810, shear, beveler
    Avid Pro CNC

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    Please include me in the drawing, I'd love to give one of those things a test drive!
    Lasers : Trotec Speedy 300 75W, Trotec Speedy 300 80W, Galvo Fiber Laser 20W
    Printers : Mimaki UJF-6042 UV Flatbed Printer , HP Designjet L26500 61" Wide Format Latex Printer, Summa S140-T 48" Vinyl Plotter
    Router : ShopBot 48" x 96" CNC Router Rotary Engravers : (2) Xenetech XOT 16 x 25 Rotary Engravers

    Real name Steve but that name was taken on the forum. Used Middle name. Call me Steve or Scott, doesn't matter.

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    I'm over-due for a new grid, please opt me in.
    There are Big Brain people & Small Brain people. I'm one of the Big Brains - with a lot of empty space.- me
    50W Fiber - Raycus/MaxPhotonics - It's a metal eating beast!
    Epilog Fusion M2 50/30 Co2/Fiber - 2015
    Epilog Mini 24 35watt - 2006 (Original Tube)
    Ricoh SG3110DN
    - Liberty Laser LLC

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    Sign me up. Thanks

    Trotec Speedy 300 80w, Corel X8, PhotoGrav,
    Shopbot Desktop Max with spindle, Vac, indexer, Aspire
    AirWolf 3D Printer AW3D HD2x

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    I want one! Throw me in the hat!


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    Please add me to the drawing

    thanks Rich

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    Sounds great -- add me to the list.
    45W Epilog Helix
    Corel X4, Photoshop CS3
    Sherline 4400 lathe
    JET 1221 Lathe
    JET 1014 Lathe
    Craftman 36" VS lathe

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    Count me in, please!



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    Sign me up. Thanks

    John Richards
    Hastings, MI
    Explorer II 30 watt
    Epilog mini 25 watt
    Corel X6, Photoshop CS6

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    Please include me as well.
    Glad its my shop I am responsible for - I only have to make me happy.

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    add me to the list. Thank you for your generous donation
    Have a Blessed day,

    Michael Kowalczyk

    Laser-Trotec Speedy II 60 watt with 9.4.2 job control and will soon upgrade to JC X
    Corel Draw Suite X6, FlexiSign Pro 8.62, AI CS3 and Lasertype6

    CNC Routers-Thermwood model C40 with 4th axis. Thermwood Model 42 with dual tables and dual spindles with ATC for high production runs,
    ArtcamPro 2010_SP4, EnroutePro 5.1, BobCad v21 & v24, Aspire v8 and Rhino 5.
    FOTC link

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    Please add me to the list......And Thanks!
    Tom Sieczkarek
    Cutting Light Custom Laser Engraving
    Epilog Helix -60 watts
    Sandblasting Cabinet
    Various wood working equipment

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