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Thread: How much a Rayjet 50 (30watts) cost?

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    How much a Rayjet 50 (30watts) cost?

    I have been trying to get the price for a Rayjet 50 (30 watts) from Trotec US for about 2 weeks now.

    I have been contacting then by e-mail and I want to be replayed by e-mail, but apparently they only take you seriously if you contact them by phone.

    I want to know the price for the machine and two of its accessories (the air assist and rotary device) so I could compare with the price here in Brazil to decide where to buy.

    Could someone tell me how much it is?

    Thank you
    Paola Rossi

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    Trotec finally answered me; I am attaching the file they have sent so others can have an idea of how much the machine and its accessories cost.
    Paola Rossi
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    Keep in mind, those are list prices, not actual final pricing (unless you like paying list price).
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    Further, Trotec offers a discount to SawMill Creek members.
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    I sent you a Private Message with the contact information you need.

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