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Thread: Classified Advertisement Rules

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    Classified Advertisement Rules

    Classifieds Forum Rules

    If you attempt to create a new thread and receive a notice that you do not have the proper permission you are a Member, only Contributors are allowed to create new Classified Ads or Post in this forum.

    For a $6 annual donation you can post here and in other private forums set aside only for Contributors. SawMill Creek is funded by both individual member contributions and by advertisements. That's what keeps the lights on here. Click Here to make a donation.

    Buy and sell at your own risk! SawMill Creek, its parent company and our Staff are not responsible for any transaction.

    Please do not include any contact information in your posts here. Contributors may use our Private Messaging System to communicate concerning sales.

    The Classified forum is intended only for the use of Contributors for the occasional sale of their own surplus tools and our Sponsors to share their product sales. It is not, nor has ever been, intended to permit third party, dealer or commercial sales with the exception of our Sponsors. Examples of those would be "selling for a friend", liquidating an estate, liquidating a business, and other similar situations where the tools are not actually owned by the Contributor. Obviously, we rely on the honesty of the person making the posting, but do be aware that improper use of this forum could result in permanent termination of your privileges on SawMill Creek. Only Contributors are allowed to respond in any Classified Thread, Members no longer have access to our Private Messaging system or email links.

    We do not allow links to ebay in any of our forums AND we are now prohibiting links in any Forum to Craigslist and other classifieds types of web sites.

    The Classifieds Forum is not a discussion forum. Questions regarding item description, clarification, functionality, etc. are to be expected. However, questions or comments concerning price, value, etc. as well as any price negotiations should be addressed directly to the seller through the Private Messaging (PM) system. Badgering or belittling someone because you disagree with their price is forbidden.

    A Contributor can now edit a classified post at any time.

    It is inappropriate for anyone to use SawMill Creek Forums to sidestep the rules of other web sites. For instance you may not ask anyone in a thread or post to use the send money to a friend option at PayPal in an effort to reduce the fee that you are obligated to pay via their system. We cannot expect other web site owners to respect our Community if we allow our Forums to be used to circumvent their regulations.

    Auctions are prohibited, you must list the price of each item for sale or provide a single price for groups of items if they are to be sold as one item.

    Revised 1-25-19 Member access to Private Messenger services and email links removed.

    Revised 9-3-21 I have made a minor change to the Classifieds Forum rules concerning commercial threads. Our advertising Sponsors will now be allowed to create new classified advertisements, this is the only exception to the rule of only allowing woodworker to woodworker interaction.

    There will be times when I create new threads in order to assist our Sponsors as I did yesterday for Forest2Home listing their Chess Board Kits. I hope this change will bring a new benefit for everyone here. Interacting with Sponsors responsibly and in a friendly manner has always been in the best interest of our Community. Most of our Sponsors have login accounts here based on their company names but there are a few who have personal logins, they will still have the Sponsor title under their name.
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    I am glad to see the rules properly prohibit using the PayPal "friend" option, as of course that is committing fraud and poor business practice.
    Perhaps a reminder is in order as several people are still asking for this option.

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    I suppose we could have a very spirited conversation about what exactly defines a friend. It would get silly pretty fast.

    Using a word like fraud in cases like this initiates the silliness.

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    Sorry Dave, when you provide false information to a commercial financial service for the singular purpose of not paying their fee, that is the very definition of fraud. The fact that people do it to avoid a 3% fee, just reflects an amazingly low ethical bar.
    FYI, as to what defines "friend," the charge is for purpose not relation. When you buy goods or services, the fee applies, even if the purchase is from your BFF or brother.

    Again sorry if my being a boy scout is uncomfortable, but I buy a lot of stuff here and trust is important. I would never purchase from someone who starts the conversation "let's do this under the table."

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    There is nothing wrong with using the PayPal "Friends and Family" discount if you are in fact a friend or family member. No one here will dispute that a huge number of our Members are friends virtual or otherwise. PayPal offers this option and if it applies to your situation by all means use the program.

    The rules prohibit people from requesting anyone to use the "Friends and Family" discount publicly as we do not have any means of knowing the details of any relationship. You can communicate via email or Private Message to establish the details of any transaction, between Friends and Family.

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    Just to be clear, the PayPal user agreement states “You must not use the “send money to a friend or family member” feature in your PayPal account when you are paying for goods or services.”

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    Could the rules also state that the seller MUST include their City and state?

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    Good point on machinery. I think city and state only apply when the item is too big or heavy to ship at reasonable cost. If I’m buying or selling a chisel or a plane I don’t care if it’s coming from or going to Antarctica.

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    Maybe I missed it, but shouldn't this OP include the policy on bumping threads/listings?
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