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Thread: Do all Stanley planes have the name Stanley or Bailey on them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Curtis View Post
    What is the difference between Bailey and Stanley? Thought they were the same...
    Stanley is the company, Bailey is the model (think GM and Chevy).

    Stanley made planes for other companies and used a twisted lateral like yours rather than their normal one. The only thing identifying the company (such as Wards) was the logo on the lever cap and iron. I think you may have a pre-1902 Bailey style plane made for another company. Your lever cap is from a later Bailey plane. As I understand it, they were used on the first run of sweetheart planes in 1920 and are fairly rare. I'd tune it, use it and forget the pedigree.

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    It has a name: Made by Frank N. Plane.

    We know the frog isn't a Stanley and the body isn't a Stanley. Just the lever cap is. Just don't call it a b***t**d.

    Oddly enough, I have several Sweetheart planes and none of them have the SW logo inside the lever cap. That's cool.

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    I think I will take the lever cap and put it on my stanley #4

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    You've got a good user plane there. I say who cares about collectors. I have a #3 that I love dearly. Heck, it was my first used plane I purchased. Though, I swapped out for a larger adjusting nut. And a low knob. And a nicer rosewood handle. Oh, and an LV iron.

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    not all are marked, you can find out what type of stanley plane you have here -

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    Another zombie thread woken from a decade ago.

    Looking through this again, imo, that isn't a Stanley plane except for the lever cap.

    For typing Stanley/Bailey planes my favorite has always been Rexmill.

    Rexmill has left the internet but is still available as an archived file >

    It may be possible to save that on your computer as a web archive to keep all the images.

    They say things live forever on the internet. A lot of great information has left the internet because of some hosting services decided to no longer be a hosting service.

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