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Thread: Viccam Victor CNC Routers. What's your opinion?

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    Viccam Victor CNC Routers. What's your opinion?

    I'm using a Viccam Victor CNC Router since 2004. The worktable size is 900x700mm. I couldn't find much information about it at the time I bought it. I bought it entirely for cutting and engraving on acrylic, but occasionally I'm cutting some MDF too.

    Here are the links I just found with information about the machine:

    Official Viccam Website: CNC Router VR0907

    Some other seller: Victor VR900 CNC Router (My machine looks exactly like this, since it's 8 years old now. The picture on the official website is of a newer model.)

    I had my share of problems and solved most of them. The main problem was that I didn't know anything about cnc routers at the time I bought the machine. There was nobody to help either. Even the company that did import and sold the machine to me didn't know anything about the machine. We figured out ourselves that the cutting head was water cooled. I have to adjust the rpm manually on a turn-knob at the left part of the machine. The machine uses Casmate and Enroute for importing files, but it's control software is a custom made software that accepts only *.PLT files. The machine basically works like a 2D plotter. You only adjust the cutting speed and depth. Like I said, rpm is adjusted manually on the machine, which sucks.

    People say it's a sturdy build machine, I agree. Other than that, the limit switches aren't working and it's easy to loose the "Starting Point". There's no cooling for the cutting blade (I don't know the correct name for it) and no suction for the shavings. And the worst part is that I can't run the machine on a operation system newer than Windows 98. There are no drivers for Windows XP. Yet I didn't contact the manufacturer in China yet.

    So what do you think about the machine? Anybody used or heard of this brand before?

    I did send their aftersales service an e-mail but they didn't respond. I didn't see their "Live Chat" being online once, so I'm kinda stuck. Is anybody in contact with them at the moment?
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    i sent you a pm for a location of other owners of these machines, parts are available at

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    I just got a buyer for the mentioned machine. He wants to machine metal and needs 3D machining. I told thim that with a new controller card and a 3D capable control software like Mach3 it's possible. Any more suggestions regarding 3D machining?

  4. If you can not get response from the manufacturer, the best possible solution is to find a local tech guy to help with it or change the complete controller. If you can upload some photos here of the controller used, then members here might able to help. Also, which software do you use to create drawing, AutoCAD?
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